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Just like with any business transaction, a contract outlines the domain name sale and protects both the buyer and the seller. A signed contract will protect you if anything happens with the domain name in the future. A signed contract is your legal proof of purchase.  A signed document by both parties is necessary to close any business deal. This is true with selling or buying a domain name as well

When a domain name is bought or sold, it is extremely important for both the buyer and the seller to agree to each others terms. A Domain Name Purchase Agreement from should be used in ALL domain name sales. If you are buying or selling a domain name, you need this agreement!

Our contract was prepared by an attorney that deals with acquisitions of domain names, websites, and businesses for sale. Don't worry about hiring a lawyer at $200 per hour or more! Order ours for only $19.95 and use it for all of your future domain name sales or purchases!

Some of the things to help  get you started:

  • Description of Assets

  • Purchase Price

  • Warranties

  • Indemnity

  • Severability

  • Integration

       all this and more...

Receive your document IMMEDIATELY online upon payment! 


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